Thursday, April 27, 2023

Punched In The Booby

I had the biopsy this morning. Found out there's not one mass, but two masses. One in my breast, and the other in one of my lymph nodes.

When the Doctor came in, he discussed the procedure with me. It didn't help much with the fear, I wasn't worried about the procedure itself, I'm terrified-bordering-on-panic about the results.

He numbed up my right boob really good, all I felt was tugging. That needle was HUGE. It reminded me of the IV needle they used when I had my hyperparathyroidectomy. He took 7 core samples total. After that, he put little metal 'clips' in my boob which are supposed to mark both lumps, so that in the future, anyone doing a mammogram will know that those two lumps were already biopsied.

The Doctor was very clear that he would call me as soon as the results were in, one way or another, but it might take up to 5 days.

I am thankful for several things during this procedure:

  • The nurse who held my hand (I'm sorry if I bruised it!)
  • The nurse who held a fan in front of my face (That was brilliant!)
  • The doctor who give me the time I needed to push past the panic attacks that kept threatening to break fee

There's a 3x4 bandage with steristrips covering the biopsy site, which seems a bit extreme for needle sticks (granted, those needles were BIG).  I feel like I've been punched in the side-boob. I really should have taken some one with me on this one.

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