Wednesday, April 26, 2023

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

I had the follow-up mammogram today, it was also 3D. I also had a sonogram they had scheduled me for, but didn't tell me about, that was a surprise!

I saw the monitor as they were doing the sonogram. There were some impressively large black spots showing up. I really hope that's a case of magnification. I'm pretty sure I know what those black things mean - a tumor. I just don't know whether it's benign or cancer.

Right after they finished the sonogram, they sent in a doctor and a nurse to discuss having a biopsy. My choises were tomorrow or next week. Of course, I immediately pulled out my calendar to figure out when I could fit it in between my meetings. As soon as I opened my mouth to begin appointment negotiations, I knew I was wrong. I corrected myself and told her I'd take the soonest available tomorrow.

I know something suspicious is there. I'm scared.

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