Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The PET Scan

I went in today for the PET scan, which was an interesting experience, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

Basically they shot me up wtih the radioactive 'stuff' then had me sit in a darkened room for 45 minutes while it circulated. No reading, talking, texting, anything, just sitting quietly. It honestly would have made for a nice nap if I'd had a pillow provided to me.

The way it works is the radioactive dye will basically 'collect' anywhere energy is being expended in the body, so if you're braining, it's going to collect in your brain, and if you're walking? Your leg muscles I guess? At least that's how it was explaiend to me.

After my 45 minutes they did the scan, the machine is kind of like a bit CT scanner with a long tube. Holding still was the hardest part, one of my arms wasn't in a very good position.

I expected the results to be next day at least, but they came in tonight.

Moderate metabolic activity in the breast where the tumor is.

Hypermetabolic activity in the lymph node we know has a tumor.

Mild metabolic activity in the pectoral chain. The report says that could be a result of my body trying to fight cancer, or that it could be cancer. There's no way to really tell.

That's the one that has me worried though. If there's cancer in more lymph nodes, I'm 99% sure I'm headed for chemo.

I'm feeling pretty OK about this one and while I was debating having some one go with me to talk to the surgeon Friday, I'm ready. I can handle this one.

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